ECAL2005 – VIIIth European Conference on Artificial Life

The Conference was held from Monday 5th to Friday 9th September 2005
Location: University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent (UK)

Artificial Life seeks to understand, extract, use and abuse the organisational principles and information processing of natural living systems. Interdisciplinary by nature, it involves researchers in Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. The 8th European Conference on Artificial Life, was held in Canterbury, England, in 2005. The Conference wanted to gather all these communities to present the latest advances, through a technical track, and discuss the main directions for the future, through a conceptual track

The conference encompassed, but was not limited to, the following domains

Self-organisation, Origins of life, Prebiotic evolution, RNA systems, Autocatalytic systems, Evolutionary chemistry, Fitness landscapes, Natural selection, Artificial evolution, Ecosystem evolution, Artificial development, Developmental algorithms, Ontogenetic systems, Multicellular development, Natural and artificial morphogenesis, Learning and development, Bio-morphic engineering, Artificial worlds, Artificial organisms, Artificial (virtual and robotic) humanoids, Intelligent autonomous robots, Evolutionary Robotics, Applications of Alife Technologies, Self-repairing hardware, Evolvable hardware, Emergent collective behaviours, Swarm intelligence, Evolution of social behaviours, Evolution of communication, Epistemology, Bio-inspired Art…